YOURE INVITED! An epic travel event to Barbados

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If you're history and culture lovers like us, The Barbados Carolina Legacy Foundation has organized a trip of a lifetime for you. From customized tours to lectures and special events, this opportunity is completely tailor-made for those interested in the strong ties between the Carolinas and the island of Barbados.  

British settlers from Barbados settled the Carolina colony in 1670 and ultimately transplanted a system of governance, architecture, and a cultural legacy that can still be seen and felt today. If you have enjoyed the nostalgia that Charleston exudes, then you have already bore witness to the result of the influence of Barbados over the centuries. Experience the deep connection between these two nations by participating in a journey to where it all began; the island of Barbados.

For more information on the full itinerary and special rates available for this trip, visit the Barbados Carolina Legacy Foundation website today!