The Shiloh School

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Starr is a town located in rural Anderson County, named so after an engineer for the Savannah Valley Railroad. The Shiloh School was built sometime in the late 1800s and served the children of Starr (once known as the little community of Holland Store) with three rooms, heat by fire, and no indoor plumbing. Today the school is barely standing and abandoned on private property in the middle of an active cow pasture, but is still brimming with the memories of children from decades ago.

Photos by Vanessa Kauffmann

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The Ghost Town of Ferguson

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by Tom Taylor
Conributing Writer

Vienna, Merritsville, Andersonville, Jocassee...all of these place names have something in common. Each was once a thriving town, now covered by the waters of a South Carolina lake. Perhaps the most compelling story, though, is that of the ghost town of Ferguson, once an active logging town with modern amenities along the banks of the Santee River. Remnants of the old town can still be seen on Ferguson Island in Lake Marion.

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The Old Brick Church

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In today’s world there are not many places that have been left untouched by our ever-developing society. But down an old dirt road in McClellanville, “The Old Brick Church” stands almost frozen in time.

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The Bonham House

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In Texas the word "Bonham" refers to the name of a town, schools and streets; all honoring a hero of the Alamo. Many South Carolinians may not know that Bonham is one of their own who probably was born right here at the Bonham House (sometimes referred to as Flat Grove), located in present day Saluda County. Here's a short timeline of the family who lived here, all of who were part of some of the most critical times in American history.

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The back roads of the rural South

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Contributing photographer Anderson Fox Corder snapped these haunting shots, truly capturing the essence of everything we love about rural South Carolina. These photos were taken in Bamberg County.

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