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The Klauber Building and Tri-County Chamber of Commerce

The Klauber Building and Tri-County Chamber of Commerce
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225 Parler Avenue
St. George, SC 29477


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Visitor information in historic store

The Town of Saint George was named for its first settler, James George, who opened a store in 1810 and donated property to South Carolina Railroad Company to build a station. The railroad track connecting Charleston to Augusta was completed in 1833, giving the community the impetus to grow. In 1850, James George built a home, which still stands today. The home faces the tracks, where James George could watch the trains that passed many times a day. He is buried in his backyard, which is now on the property of Memorial Baptist Church. The town was incorporated in 1878 under the name of “George’s Station.” The historic Klauber Building in present day St. George now houses a Tri-County Regional Chamber of Commerce and can point visitors to the many historic places and unique eateries nearby.