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Historic Wire Road

Historic Wire Road
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Wire Road
St. George, SC 29477


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Historic stretch of road that leads you through historic homes, natural areas and churches

Wire Road runs through rural South Carolina, and is named for when telegraph lines were strung in the middle 1800's. This historic roadway lies near the Edisto River, the longest free-flowing black-water river in the United States. Wire Road connected Charleston to Columbia and Augusta and has seen many passerbys, including General Marquis de Lafayette, a key figure in the American Revolution. At least one house that he likely passed is still standing.

Specific sites along Wire Road (beginning on Highway 78 in Ridgeville) include sections oforiginal track from the Charleston to Hamburg railroad (Best Friend Express, the 1st passenger rialroad in the United States), locally owned eateries and general stores, Givhans State Park,  an Edisto Indian community, Four Holes Swamp, The Clayton House (Built in 1854, records suggest it was a stagecoach stop until the early 1900's), Indian Field Swamp (you can spot a milldam at the edge of the trees that powered the saw mill that cut much of the lumber for the houses in the area built before the Civil War), Colleton State Park, the Koger House (Built 1800), Appleby's Methodist Church (Built 1840s),  The McAlhany Nature Preserve and ending in Branchville, the oldest railroad junction in the world.